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Why am I not eligible for HPV vaccine?

Doc says that I am too old(33) to receive HPV vaccine. I have a family history of cervical cancer, and I currently do not have HPV. Should I not be able to protect myself? How can I get ahold of one of the vaccines?

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    I believe the thinking is that you have probably been exposed by now, even if you don't have HPV. I hope they change the rules because there really are 40 year old virgins, even if they are statistically rare.

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    Unless you get a doctor willing to break "current standards", you obtain the vaccine in another country, or you otherwise obtain the vaccine in an "under the table manner", you won't be able to get the HPV Vaccine.

    The HPV Vaccine is a preventive vaccine, and in the United States, they will only administer the vaccine from ages 9-25 years old who do not already have HPV. In rare instances, doctors will administer the vaccine to women as old as 26, since they more than likely have not contracted all four viruses that the HPV Vaccine protects against.

    Don't give up hope yet however, the HPV Vaccine is fairly new, and they have not done a lot of tests on it yet. If it is successful, they may make it available to older women. Some companies are currently testing vaccines on women up to age 55. Many doctors believe that the HPV Vaccine could benefit women over the age of 26, and there are some physicians and nurse practitioners in the United States who are already administering the HPV Vaccine to older women.

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    Merck and Co.'s first wave of research trials for Gardasil involved women ages 9 to 26. So, when the FDA approved the vaccine, it stuck with this target demographic. The good news is that Merck is currently working to expand Gardasil’s audience. The company is now testing the drug's efficacy, safety and immune response in women ages 26 to 45 and in males ages 9 to 26. All of these trials are in the latter stages of research, according to Wambold. When, and if, the science proves beyond a reasonable doubt that Gardasil is safe for these populations, new FDA approvals will follow.

    Vaccinating newborns is an entirely different story. Here, the most important question is n’t, “Is the vaccine safe and effective?” but “How long will Gardasil’s immunity last?”

    Because the HPV vaccine is relatively new, scientists are still uncertain if Gardasil’s immunity will last a lifetime or if booster shots will be required. Because of this uncertainty, there’s a chance that vaccinating a newborn could result in a loss of HPV immunity by the time the child reaches an age of sexual activity. This scenario is possible, but unlikely, according to preclinical trials (Merck is currently testing the drug’s staying power). As a result, scientists at the CDC have recommended that parents wait until their daughters reach age 11 or 12 before being immunized.

    Your doctor is care about your health.

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    Merck's vaccine Gardasil was only tested in women from ages 9 to 26.

    The FDA approved Gardasil for women up to age 26.

    There was no research that supported using Gardasil in women older than age 26.

    I am aware of women who have received the vaccine after the age of 26 in an off label use of the vaccine. Many drugs are used off what is labeled or recommended.

    You may want to look into GSK vaccine Cervarix. Cervarix asked for FDA approval March 20. GSK vaccine involved women ages 10 to 55 in its study. It's study involved more women than the Gardasil vaccine and may provide protect against more high risk HPV types. Cervarix does not provide any protection against any low risk HPV types. I am not sure when or if Cervarix will meet with FDA approval.

    Call other doctors office's and see if another doctor will administer the Gardasil vaccine.

    You may want to look at and see if any doctors in your area are participating in trails of Gardasil in the woman over age 26.

    HPV must be present for cervical cancer to occur. While cervical cancer is not inherited the genetic make-up that prevents us from fighting the vaccine may be.

    Good luck to you.

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    The HPV vaccine is available to woman aged 11-26, also as young as 9 years old. It may keep you from HPV but not absolutedly.

    It is reported that the data would show efficacy against other HPV types as well as against vaginal and vulva cancers.

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    The HPV vaccine is intended for women who have not have sexual intercourse, or have had HPV. Many people contract HPV without knowing it. When you are of an "older age", the possibility of you having had HPV is very high. Your doc can give you more info.

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    My friend is 34 and she got HPV vaccine. Even if you do have HPV yyou should still get vaccine as it can protect you from other types. Don't listen to this BS go to another doctor or walk in clinic.

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    the vaccine does not help all kinds of cervical cancer. so even if you did have the vaccine, you can still get HPV. Just eat healthy, research good cancer foods, eat lots of tomatoes, flavanoids, caratnoids etc.

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    its just made for girls and women 9-26

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